Plus-Size Yogis to Follow on Instagram

{Post adapted from my main blog, Liza Not Lisa}

There are a ton of yoga Instagram accounts out there, but so few meet my needs.

I’m not inspired by people who look nothing like me. And there are so many accounts by thin yogis. Far fewer are from those who are fat and happy, who do yoga for the way it makes them feel and who are not trying to lose weight.

Fortunately for me, more and more plus sized yogis have been emerging. I even started my own yoga-specific Instagram to get in on the action. I did it for the same reason I decided to become a teacher — the yoga world needs people who look like me.

Those two things tie together in a somewhat unfortunate way. I know already that I’m going to have to prove myself twice as hard as a yoga teacher or trainee. The fitness and wellness worlds are not exactly accommodating of fat people. So in some ways posting my yoga adventures is an attempt to legitimize myself, even though I completely resent that I have to do that. But it’s also fun, and keeps me connected to a world I’m trying to learn more about.

I definitely prefer to see people with body types like mine doing yoga. And thankfully there are many of them out there now, showing their stuff and inspiring others. Some — like Jessamyn Stanley and Valerie Sagun — are better known and have written books on the subject. But others aren’t famous, and are just cool curvy people doing their thing.

It doesn’t matter how well-known someone is, if they are promoting a fat-positive yoga experience, then I want to see it. Below are just a handful of the accounts I like to look at for inspiration, but if you know of more, please leave a comment and let me know who I should be following.

My Favorite Yogi Instagrams

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Friends, I am really proud of this one! I have a student who isn't able to come to the ground, and also has trouble standing for very long. So that puts a big limit on a lot of the things we want to do. So I was thinking about how to bring the floor up to them, and came up with this setup! We have four chairs on a sticky mat to make the base, and then those chairs are padded with multiple mats and blankets. Another chair for the head and neck with a bolster and blanket. Two more chairs completed the rest of the 'floor', and could be pulled in and out to accommodate either a foot placed down for pelvic stability, or the chair could be pulled out so the leg could dangle and stretch the front of the body. . A huge thanks to @prairieyoga for having all the props for us a use and experiment, and an even bigger thanks to my student to be willing to try things out with me! We had an amazing session, getting into muscles that we couldn't get into seated. . If you feel like you have significant limitations and you need an understanding and inventive teacher, I am available for private lessons! Or, if you just want to try a private lesson to ask questions, learn how to work on certain muscles or movements – the time can be yours. Feel free to contact me to set something up. Meet you on the modified mat! ❤ #yoga #plussizeyoga #modifiedyoga #yogaprops #yogaforall #yogaforeveryone #thisiswhatayogabodylookslike #yogaforyou #bodypositiveyoga #yogaforpainrelief #yogaforchronicpain #yogaforarthritis #yogabody #yogaforpain #fatyoga #bigyoga #curvyyoga #yogamodifications

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#walkabout #fatblackyogini #windsoryogini

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